Monday, 3 August 2009

A Vinegar Wash Down

You might be reading this and thinking "oh my goodness!! washing in vinegar? are you crazy?". Well no, just don't use whole bottle of vinegar, just a few caps fulls and here is how and why you might what to use this spiritual cleansing ritual.

A vinegar wash down or bath is are really quick way to remove negativity and improve how people view you and most importantly how you view yourself. Use this method when you don't have time, or don't want to do a full spiritual cleansing bath or spiritual cleansing ritual. It's great for people who are not really in to spirituality but know something is wrong and want to try to brighten their life up and just generally improve what is happening in their world.

What you'll need for a Vinegar Wash Down:
  • Malt Vinegar
  • Jug
  • Warm Water
Add 9 caps full of vinegar in to your plastic jug filled with warm water (Always use plastic jugs as this is much safer than glass). Stand in a shower and pour or splash your face in the vinegar water and then pour over your entire body. If you are worried about odour then rinse off with water.

For a vinegar spiritual bath, just add 7 to 9 caps full of vinegar to a warm bath and enjoy.

This is quick, simple and effective. If you are wondering why 9 caps full of vinegar is because the number 9 is the wishing number. I will write more about the meaning and importance of numbers in a later blog post. But for now, I hope this is useful to you.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Mothballs to cleanse your home

If you are having trouble resting at night you might need to cleanse your home.
A really quick and effective way to do this is with mothballs that you can buy at many local supermarkets.

Place 3 mothballs in every corner of your home to repel negative forces.

CAUTION: Mothballs are dangerous keep out of reach of children and pets.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Beer Bath For Spiritual Cleansing

A beer bath will remove the evil eye allowing you to recover from such an ordeal.

You need to do:
  • This is best done in the evening before going to bed
  • Add together, in a lukewarm bath, 1 quarter of beer from a bottle or can of beer, 1 teaspoon of table salt and stir clockwise at lease 3 times
  • Take care entering the beer bath and submerge yourself briefly several times, no less then 3 times
  • Then take a plastic bowl or plastic cup and pour the beer bath water over your head, then briefly submerge yourself with care. Repeat this process for no less than 5 mins
  • Once you have completed this exercise, drip dry and head off to your bedroom to pray in earnestly for help to remove this problem from you. I would advice that you use the Lord's Prayer or 23rd Psalm
Best wishes and I hope that this spiritual cleansing beer bath alleviate any unhappiness.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Deep Physical Cleansing

We are not just our minds or just our bodies or just our spirits, we are a complete being with many facets to our exsitance. We have to look after all of these elements to live a full and balanced life. It can be hard sometimes when we are pulled in different directions by all the other things that we are responsible for and have to take care of but I often have to remind myself that if I don't take care of me first then I can't take care of anything else. Exercising our bodies is an excellent way of recharging our auras, helping use project a more positive vibe to the outside world, so you can just imagine the improvements that can be made to our minds and spirits.

My personal favourite morning exercise is Pilates, it takes about 40mins and the repairing benefits are amazing and quick. Pilates massages your internal organs flushing out toxins, improving your posture helping you project a more positive state of being which will help repeal negativity. And because you are consentrating so hard on keeping you're "b-line" you can't think of anything else and you problems melt away giving you 40mins of peace and relaxation. My favourite Pilates dvd is A To Z Of Pilates - Programmes For The Beginner, Intermediate And Advanced Enthusiast [DVD] it's a collection of 3 videos and as the title suggest it's for all levels of Pilates with excellent instructions but no music behind it so that you can fully concentrate on the positions. The funny thing is, it looks easy, the first video that is but it's really challenging if you are somewhat out of shape. I really feel like my whole body has been exercised and I instantly feel that my whole being has been cleansed and improved.

The benefits to my well-being have been amazing; I hurt my back a few years ago and ended up in hospital with a very bad pulled muscle, and the pain just linger even though I was completly heal. My GP suggessed I should try Pilates, and I haven't looked back, I have taken off the extra weight I had gained, the pain in my back has gone except for when I am lazy and don't exercise and it comes back to remind me that I need to stretch out and repair, got rid of my PSO and my periods are more regular, my mind is clearer and I also noticed that people have more respect for people whom hold there posture upright. Give it a go, see the benefits that Deep Physical Cleansing can bring.

Pilates gives me the strength to face daily challenges and it can improve you well being too. Why don't you give it a try and see the benefits for yourself. If you'd like to know more about the origins of Pilates visit

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Simple Basil Cleansing Bath

If you are worried about negativity and accumulating even more negativity then a simple Basil wash will help remove these unpleasantries allowing you to move forward in to the future with more smoothly.

How to make a Basil cleansing bath/wash:
  • You will need some cooking Basil, which can be fresh or dried.
  • Run a warm bath and add about 4 leaves or a small amount of dried Basil to the tub while the bath is running.
  • Once you have entered the bath say the lords pray (or one of your choosing) and either submerge yourself 4 times, 1 for our father, 2 for our son, 3 for the holly spirit and 4 for amen (or your chosen giving thanks to your own thanks to your own god) or use a small bowl to pour the water from the bath over you head carefully.
  • Then relax in the bath for around 10 mins and drip dry if you are in a warm and comfortable environment

Last Nights Dream

Last night I had an interesting dream about a large cream windmill with wooden brown sails. I decided to do a little research on what this dream could me as I have never dreamt about a windmill before nor had my partner whom is very interested in what dreams symbolise.

I found out that an image of a windmill can suggest the correct use of resources and that wind often represents intelligence, so a windmill dream can represented that I'm using my assets intelligently. Which is great news to me as I only just set up this blog to share my knowledge with everyone so this was an excellent dream which makes me realise that I'm on the right path helping others.

A to Z of Dream Interpretation by Pamela Ball has always been a great help to me over the years. I like to research what the symbol in my dreams mean and then apply it to how I personally feel about the symbol and what it means to me before I conclude what my dreams might indicate.

My Absolute Favourite Astrologer

Jonathan Cainer is my absolute favourite astrologer, I have found his advice very helpful and I read his horoscopes daily. His horoscopes are intelligent and mature offering sound advice in how to deal with events that might arise in a positive manor. I take on board what he has to say and often remark on how accurate he is to the recent interaction that I have had with people.

Visit for Jonathan's daliy horoscopes and advice.